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The Braindonor Network is Currently Under Construction

Updated: January 20, 2024
Development is currently underway to provide a new home to The Braindonor Network as an ASP.NET CORE MVC Application hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Creating just another WordPress site or using a blogging service just did not sound like fun. While doing so would undoubtedly make me more productive at creating content, I am taking this route because I will always enjoy playing with the code. I'm not getting paid for this last I checked, so I'm going to have fun!

Development Status:

  • Website Template: Complete!
  • Page Viewer: Complete!
  • Post Viewer: In-Progress
  • Comment Plugin: TBD
  • Admin Template: Complete!
  • Admin Auth: Complete!
  • Page Model: Complete!
  • Page Editor: Complete!
  • Post Model: In-Progress
  • Post Editor: In-Progress
  • File Model: TBD
  • File Editor: TBD
Once development has been completed, I anticipate creating a generic version of this project that can be be open-sourced to provide a starting point for delivering a low-cost, database-driven website on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Components:

  • CosmosDB
    Core (SQL) to Store Pages, Posts, and Files; Servless Capacity Mode; Cost based on Usuage
  • App Service
    Linux B2 Service Plan, SSL Termination
  • Storage account
    Store uploaded content.
  • Active Directory
    App Registration for CMS Authentication