About The Braindonor Network

I founded the Braindonor Network in January 2000. I was a college student who just had his first broadband internet connection installed and needed a name for my private network. I kicked around numerous domain names with friends trying to find something unique. After several hours of brainstorming, instant messaging, and beer drinking, braindonor.net popped into my head.

I felt the name was a great fit for three core reasons. I have always fancied myself as a mad scientist. Being a full time student working towards a pair of science degrees while working full time, I certainly felt I was fulfilling the necessary conditions: mad enough to work that hard, and obviously into that science thing. The name also had a huge appeal among my circle of friends. We all felt that the world was full of people that refused to use their brains. What better way to poke fun at them than by soliciting for the donation of atrophied brains? The name was memorable. People remembered the site, and remembered my fondness for laboratory instruments. In fact, they still send me the occasional beaker or test tube.

Fast-forward to the present, and the site is just as relevant as ever. As an experienced web developer stepping out of the safety of big-business and into the realm of start-ups and consulting, I need a platform to express my identity…to become my own brand. While I am very professional about the services I provide to others, I’m still that goofy kid at heart. I love what I do and make sure to have fun while doing it. What better way to make that statement loud and clear?

John Hoff
Mad Scientist
The Braindonor Network